Eastern Cape

Neurodevelopmental Clinic at Frere Hospital POPD on Wednesday from 8.00 - 14.00 (Tel 043-709 2381)
Neurodevelopmental Clinic at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital POPD on Mondays from 8.00 - 14.00 (Tel 043 - 708 2503)
Neurology/epilepsy clinic at Frere Hospital POPD on Thursdays from 8.00 - 14.00 (Tel 043-709 2381)

Neurology Clinic, Epilepsy Clinic and CP clinic on Wednesdays
Neurodevelopment Clinic on Fridays
Venue POPD, 3rd floor in Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital
Contact numbers for booking: 047 502 4775 or 4774

Free State

Universitas Hospital Bloemfontein
Tel: 051 405-3783 /0514079407
Mondays: Epilepsy and neurology, Neurodevelopmental (<6 years)
Tuesdays: Learning difficulties (>6 years), neonatal high risk
Fridays: Language clinic, including autism


Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital
Strictly appointments only
Neurology Clinic: Monday
Epilepsy Clinic: Thursday
3rd Thursday of the month: Neurodevelopmental multi-disciplinary clinic
Contact number: 0312401609
KZN Children’s Hospital
Strictly appointments only
Monday/Thursday/ Friday: Neurodevelopmental clinics
1st Tuesday of the month: Neuropsychiatry clinic
2nd Tuesday of the month: Cleft clinic
3rd Tuesday of the month: Neurogenetics
Wednesdays: Neurophysiology/EEGs
Contact number: 0318121421
Greys Hospital:
Tuesdays/ Wednesdays: Epilepsy/ Neurology
Contact number: 033 897 3185

King Edward Hospital:
Epilepsy clinic: Monday
Contact number: 0313603111
RK Khan Hospital:
Behaviour clinic: Tuesday
Neurology Clinic: Friday
Contact Number: 0314596344
Prince Mshiyeni Hospital:

Epilepsy: Tuesday Neurology clinic: Neurology
Contact Number: 031 9078038/5

Mahatma Ghandhi Hospital:
Neurology clinic: Tuesday
Contact number: 0315021719
Queen Nandi Hospital:
Neurology clinic: Tuesdays
Epilepsy clinic: Wednesdays
Child Psychology clinic: Thursdays
Contact number: 0359077000
Stanger Hospital:
Neurology clinic: Fridays
Contact number: 0324376000



Steve Biko Academic Hospital
Contact number: 012 354-5105
Clinics (Paed Neuro and Neurodev )
New patients are seen on Wednesday


Please note that all referrals to the Paediatric Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Clinics in Johannesburg are by appointment only and must be discussed before an appointment will be given.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital
Tel: 011 933-8234
Location – 2nd Floor New Building (Paediatric Out-Patient Clinics)
Cerebral Palsy Clinic: Tuesdays
General Neurology: Thursdays
Epilepsy Clinic: Fridays
Neurodevelopmental: Thursdays and Fridays
Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital
Neurodevelopmental: 011 481-5194/5207

Monday : Neurodevelopmental ( includes ASD, Cerebral palsy and dev delay( younger children)

Wednesday: ADHD, older ASD and Intellectual delay

Behaviour clinic with Child Psychiatry(once a month)

Thursday: Neurodevelopmental: as /Monday Infant clinic

Down syndrome clinic(only for local babies, others seen at referral hospital)

Friday: Visual clinic with therapists

Multidisciplinary Dev /orthopaedic /physio assessment clinic for children with Cerebral palsy

Paediatric Neurology 011 488-4286/3282

Paediatric Neurology clinic – Mondays and Wednesdays

Neuromuscular clinic – 1st Wednesday of the month

Epilepsy Clinic: 011488-3256 Fridays
Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital
Tel: 011-470-9360
Neurology Mondays
Epilepsy Tuesdays
Neurodev Wednesdays
CP Fridays (2x/month)

Western Cape

Children with any of the following problems should be referred:
  • Developmental delay, including cerebral palsy and speech disorders.
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache
  • Neuro-regression (loss of previously obtained milestones)
  • Behaviour disorders and ADHD (the latter only after evaluation by an educational psychologist)
  • Neuro-muscular disorders etc
  • Children who need specialized tests are admitted to our 10 bed neurology ward for further evaluation.

Tygerberg Hospital:
Developmental and Neurological problems
Paediatric Neurology Clinic:
Patients with neurological problems are seen daily at specialized neurology clinics by 2 Paediatric Neurologists and a Developmental Paediatrician.
A comprehensive tertiary Paediatric neurology service is offered at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital.
All bookings: (021) 938 4539
High Risk neurodevelopmental follow up for infants born prematurely:
All bookings: 938 4539
Red Cross Children’s Hospital:
Behaviour disorders clinic
All bookings: (021) 658 5434

Cerebral Palsy Clinic:
The clinic provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and feeding therapy, social intervention and educational placement.
All bookings: (021) 658 5033
Developmental Assessment Clinic:
For children with developmental delay or at risk for developmental problems, intellectual disability, behaviour disorders, pre-school or non-school attending children with learning problems.
All bookings: (021) 658 5535
Epilepsy Clinic:
Known Epilepsy patients of the Neurology Service
All bookings: (021) 658 5434

High Risk Clinic:
For infants with high risk of developing developmental problems.
All bookings: (021) 658 5033
Muscle Disorders Clinic:
Any child who has muscle weakness or is suspected of having a muscle disorder. Prior telephone consultation is often useful. Referral through medical services is preferred
All bookings: (021) 658 5434
Neurocutaneous clinic:
Telephonic consultations are required before booking
Mostly neurofibromatosis but also other neurocutaneous conditions
All bookings: (021) 658 5434

Neurology Clinic:
Children with Complex neurological problems; infants and children with any disorder involving the central and/or peripheral nervous system
For bookings & telephonic consultations: (021) 658 5434
Neurometabolic clinic:
Complex patients with suspected neurometabolic condition, these children have often had extensive investigations already and are referred by specialists.
All bookings: (021) 658 5434
Spinal Defects Clinic:
A Multidisciplinary clinic for children with neural tube defects (i.e. spina bifida/myelomeningocoele).
All bookings: (021) 658 5400

George Hospital:
Children with neurodevelopmental problems are seen at the Paediatrics Specialist Clinic.
All bookings: (044) 802 4424
Paarl Hospital:
Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic and Neurodevelopmental Clinic
All bookings: (021) 872 1711 ext 2361
Supported by Developmental Paediatrician from Tygerberg Hospital
Eben Döngers Hospital
Paediatric Specialist Clinic
All Bookings: (023) 348 1172
Supported by Neurologist from Tygerberg Hospital

High Risk Clinic
Venue: Mowbray Maternity Hospital
Tuesdays: 08h30 (NICU graduates from MMH NICU)
Wednesdays: 08h30 (NICU graduates from GSH NICU)
Contact: 021 6594958 (08h00-13h00 Tuesday and Wednesday mornings)